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The Society is a Clerical Public Association of the Christian Faithful in accordance with (canons 298-320 1983 Code) and is legally incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as The Missionary Society of St. James the Apostle, (charity no. 04226 6770) with the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston as its president. The members serve as diocesan priests from all parts of the English speaking world, under the jurisdiction of the local ordinary of each prelature or diocese in Peru.

Vision Statement:
The members undertake to be present with the poor who seek to be freed from systems and situations that perpetuate all forms of injustices and deny them their dignity and rights; and to inspire all, especially the young, to build a society more fully human and therefore more fully Christian. This demands a commitment to a ministry of evangelization where works of social action and human development are seen as an authentic expression of evangelical charity, and where a profound respect for the culture, values and traditions guides the ministry of the missionary and develops a more authentic integration of the fullness of the gospel message and the richness of the native cultural heritage.

Mission & Vision

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