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The Republic of Ecuador covers an area of 461,475 sq. km., with a population of 10,782,000, with a growth rate of 2.7, which covers an area of 461,475 sq. km. Over 90% are Catholic but the acute shortage of priests has meant that many remain un-evangelized. The country falls within four distinctive geographical zones. The highland region of the Andes, which stretches from north to south, produces limited quantities of maize, wheat and barley but the production of flowers, especially roses, has found a niche in the international market. The coastal region on the foothills of the Andes is rich. It comprises the Amazon region, notable for the production of oil which is one of the main sources of income but which has also been responsible for damaging tourism in the area. The coastal area produces rice, the staple food of the country, as well as sugar cane, but the ownership of this highly productive land is in the hands of a few. The coastline industry of the production of shrimp has been decimated through disease but its beautiful beaches attract tourists interested in surfing, whale sightseeing, etc. The Galapagos Islands where animal life shows no sense of fear is a must for any visitor to this part of the world. The majority of people are dependent on a subsistent living of five dollars per day, which has led to the immigration of some two million people leaving for Spain and Italy in recent years.

*There are currently no active members in Ecuador.

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