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The Society maintains strong relationships with its alumni. They remain a vital part of the Society. They are actively involved in Mission Appeals and recruiting. We have annual gatherings in Lima and Boston and every other year in Liverpool, UK.

Photo from our Annual Meeting January 2017

(L-R starting in the back) Fr. Gerry O'Meara, Fr. Gerry Dunn, Fr. Dennis O'Brien, Fr. Desmond Tynan, (next row)  Bishop Pedro Bustamante, Fr. Ray O'Sullivan, Fr. Roger Clark, Fr. Danny O'Sullivan, Fr. Gerry Hanlon, Fr. John Ahern, Fr. David Costello (Director), Bishop Robert Hennessey, Fr. John O'Leary, Fr. John Molloy, Fr. Dennis Parry, Tom Fitzgerald (Treas.), (front row) Fr. Frank Higgins, Fr. John Salatino, Fr. Jack Davis, Fr. John Prochaska, Fr. Isaias Gerali, Jr., Fr. PJ Hughes, Fr. Geoffrey Adolfo, Fr. Leo Fernandez, Jerome Kiley, Fr. Loreto Jaque.

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