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The Society's Board of Directors work to continuously support the Society and all its efforts. They meet regularly to ensure that things continue to run smoothly, by making sure the business is properly looked after. They offer full support in regards to fundraising and continue to help out at special events. See below for a full list of the Board of Directors.

  • Sean P. Cardinal O'Malley, OFM, Cap, President & Trustee (ex officio)

  • Rev. David Costello, Director, Secretary/Clerk (ex officio)

  • James T. Brett, Trustee

  • Patricia J. Brett, Trustee

  • Rev. John Grimes, Trustee

  • Daniel Flatley, Trustee 

  • Most Rev. Robert F. Hennessey, Trustee 

  • Richard T. Horan, Trustee

  • Rosemary McAuliffe, Esq., Trustee

  • John E. Straub, Trustee

  • Francis O'Connor, Asst. Secretary/Clerk

  • Bridget Henry, Treasurer

The Society of St. James board of Directors gathered together at Society headquarters in Boston, on Clark Street.

Board of Directors

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