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Acceptance & Preparation


A letter is required from your local bishop authorizing your candidacy to the Society in writing.

You must then submit the names and addresses of three priests with who you have lived with or worked with since the time of your ordination. These priests will then be contacted by the Society and subsequently asked for their own letters of recommendation.

A medical certification using the Society's own forms* from a recent physical exam will be required which includes special attention to any dietary concerns or other chronic or potential difficulties in health care that might bear on specific conditions you may encounter in Latin America. (Examples include high altitudes, tropical environments, extremes of heat or cold, allergies, etc.)

A psychological screening report* based on the Society's guidelines must also be sent to us. The purpose of that screening is to assist us in recognizing potential difficulties which could affect you in making your adjustment to a drastically different life style in Latin America .

*Forms for the physical examination and a list of the psychological screening needed are available from the Society.








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